Hello I am Raj Thind. CEO and President of One Step Solutions. I have been involved with many forms of business over the last 15 – 20 years of my professional life and have garnered a vast amount of business experience in that time. From Business Development to Business Sales. I am proud to state I have operated and owned multiple businesses across many market segments including in the construction industry, retail space, food and beverage, management firms and hospitality. I personally bought, sold or built out at least 10 business in which I have had a direct ownership or leadership role in the business and the business development process. This experience combined with my business evaluation and business sales experience has allowed me to develop a skill set and keen eye for quality business opportunities and market segments that can expand and scale which can offer a wide range of applications. Over the past 15 years I have been directly involved in Commercial Real Estate, Business Sales and Franchise Sales. I have represented many business owners with the purchase and sale of their business. Many of the transactions I brokered, were franchise sales. During this period I was involved in a number of challenging situations. Franchise sales representation is a very difficult undertaking. Often dealing with multiple lawyers, franchise approvals, accountants for both buyer and seller, landlord, financial institutions and more.  I have a great deal of experience in business valuation, Having personally written business plans and business valuation report for financing requirements, legal matters, corporate separation, third party opinions, most importantly to establish fair market value of the business pricing for fair market value for this business. Goodwill, opportunity for growth, expansion... These are all great terms to use.  However truly understanding the entire business environment take experience and a grasp of the business, as all segments have there own pros and cons.  Having been directly involved with Business Sales and Marketing for more than 15 plus years I have learned a great deal about the business operations and franchise industry. I have brokered 100`s Commercial transactions in the commercials sales market. Within the segment I have the great opportunity to represented more than 50 different franchise brands for purchase and sale, in a wide range of industries. This direct hands on experience and comprehension of the franchise model, what works, how it works, why it works is something that cannot be taught in a class room.


This brings us to One Step Solutions. I acquired this business in 2018. With my years of business sales and franchise experience I realized very early that One Step Solutions was a winner. My primary focus from Spring of 2018 was to build out One Step Solutions. Build a business that offers multiple streams of revenue, has a huge demand in the market, offers a diverse yet simple solution for the client. One Step Solutions is a Digital Signage firm. The Digital Signage segment is great space to be involved. Building a company from scratch is very challenging.  I realized very quickly this is business that can can be scaled at many levels. We offer a solution for the business owner whilst offering a business opportunity for my fellow entrepreneurs. The foundation of the company is now in place. Now we are in BUILD OUT MODE. The long winded pat on the back above is fine. However building and growing One Step Solutions is a driving force in my life today. These personal, professional and business challenges are the base of why I put in the effort. I stepped away from my Commercial Real Estate files for then 16 months. To focus my time to One Step Solutions. As with every business. More doors close then they open at first. Through persistence and hard word the doors start to open again.  At this time.I am proud to say that One Step is in motion. We have market share, brand awareness and a product that is well received in the market at many levels.  As of June 2020 I have re activated my real estate licence. However my real estate files are very focused. They are challenging, yet micro focused on the multi family development segment of lower mainland. Only working with 2-3 developers. Essentially as in house Commercial agent for these companies.    This organization and comprehension of the work has allowed to me keep focused on One Step and continue to move One Step forward. With the dedication and time placed on One Step I have brought this company to the launching pad and we now set to take off.  We designed One Step to expand into many horizontally in any industry and vertically within each segment. This allows One Step to have multiple application options and revenue streams with in each application. Our business model is all thing DIGITAL SIGNAGE.

I have refined the business plan to find a niche footprint in a giant market.  Building a business from scratch often has a a lot of make it or break it moments. I know what it feels to spin your wheels, spend money ,put in the effort and not get anywhere, not close.... I also know there is a way to the finish line... There is a process involved, their are a number of factors that allow you to be successful in sales and in business. I am very excited for this chapter in my life. I work in a persistent, ethical, professional manner. This is the base of my business model. One Step is now set to take off. We have signed a franchising agreement. Our systems and brand are preforming well in the market and are expanding daily. I take great pride of pride in sharing what I have learned with others and working in a team environment. I will take immense pride when One Step is expanded to over 50 locations,to over 100 locations and so on....We all have a story, we have a why, we all want more..... I am family man at heart. I show my kids everyday to be accountable and to work hard. One Step is not just about working hard and hustling, it is about working smart. We offer the a digital solution for all levels of business. I have built the foundation for this company, I am now building the house.... 

Sincerly Raj Thind