Outdoor Solutions

Digital Out Of Home (OOH) is becoming increasingly popular as a way of getting messages across to potential customers in a fast & efficient way.

Posters used to do this job but these are expensive to replace & change in each location. Think of bus stops & large format bill boards, all these are starting to become digital for the following reasons. A more professional message can be displayed, content can be changed centrally, more content can be displayed to capture the audience during the average view time and moving images always attract more attention.

Outdoor and indoor: the digital experience becoming more a part of everyday life.



All-New Outdoor Android SL

 Whatever the weather with our Outdoor Android SL range you can be sure your message will be seen! All the sleek design qualities of the Android SL range but with the protection of a fully IP65 rated enclosure to protect your message in the harshest environments. With these ultra-high bright displays even in direct sunlight you will be sure of getting your message to the right people at the right time. Packed with everything you need, we have created the fully networked ‘Out of the box’ solution for use whatever the weather! 



With additional options for touch functionality


 Varied Sizes

From 22" through 55"


With a wide range of sizes from 22” thru 55” Freestanding available as standard & other sizes available on request you are able to deploy one consistent solution throughout your estate plus as these Outdoor displays utilize Android SL technology they all come inclusive of our TOPAZ CMS enabling you to centrally control & manage just as you would an indoor display. This means you can deploy SL or Android SL indoors and our Outdoor range outside the building and control all displays from the same control panel! 

Benefits for DOOH

  • Ability to generate additional revenue through the selling of multiple advertisements in the ‘one space’ versus the limitations of traditional non-digital advertising.
  • Dynamic advertising leading to increased recall of message and ability to charge increased ad rates.
  • Ability to schedule campaigns and update remotely without the need to have anyone go to site to change out media.